International Dating Club “HAPPY YOU” concludes a contract with clients who want to use the dating service, which we provide. The contract is a basic term agreement for a year membership at the dating agency. It gives you an access right to our database of the single women who are seriously looking for relationships.

During the year, our agency works with you helping to find your perfect match. We offer you to view the questionnaires of the registered at our agency women (all the questionnaires have actual pictures of the women) and chose the women whom you may like for communication.

A year membership gives you such benefits:

  • one free 30 minutes on Skype with every new lady from the agency database;
  • 2 free(one letter is yours and one is hers) translated letters for every new lady from the database;

If you would like to continue communication with a lady after having free Skype and 2 free letters than you can use our charged service.

The cost for a year membership is $2000. We start our job with you as a client after you accept the contract, officially concludes it and do the compulsory prepayment – $2000(we will discuss what variant of prepayment is better for you).

If you have any questions – you are welcome to ask – here

Our clients may use such charged service:

  • Translation:

One letter 1-9 words – $ 1

One letter 10-49 words – $ 2

One letter 50-99 words- $4

One letter 100-199 words- $8

One letter 200-399 words – $10

One letter 400-599 words – $20

  • Skype(video call):

10-30 minutes – $15

30 -60 minutes – $30

60-120 minutes – $40

  • Psychologist advice in selection the lady (profound compatibility test, with the help of which we will recommend you the lady who fits you better)-$50
  • Astrologer prognosis for relationships (Your astrology compatibility review) – $50
  • Gift delivery$20 per 1 gift (the price for the gift is not included)
  • Hotel booking service (we help to choose the hotel/apartment for you considering your needs) – $25 per one arrival
  • Transfer – $45 one way (to or from the airport, our interpreter meets you at the airport and helps to locate at the hotel)
  • Your preparation for the first date – $20 per one date

Our professionals can help you to prepare for the first date with the woman. We can advise you what clothing will be better to put on, how to behave with a lady from Ukraine, explain our first date traditions, help you to buy flowers and many other.

  • Organization of the first date with one lady from the agency – $60 per one date (the organization of the second, the third, etc. date with the same lady is free)
  • Interpreter – $20 per 1 hour
  • City tour – $20 per 1 hour
  • Extra help – $20 per 1 request.

Help in solving the situations of language or cultural misunderstanding between you and your lady. If you have had a dispute with your lady and you do not know what to do then we start to help you to solve the miscommunication. It may happen when you first stayed alone without interpreter but the English level of your lady is poor so the language barrier is possible.

  • “Stay in touch” service – $100 per month

We continue to help you to stay in touch with the woman you like after you come back home so you should not be afraid of losing the connection with her.

  • English classes for the lady – $20 per 1 hour
  • Fiancée visa help – $300 per one Visa

We help you with all the paper work to get a Fiancée Visa for your future wife: tell proper information what you should do(which documents you should have, how much time will it take, what tricks may you have, etc.), help to fill all the forms, help to organize the meeting with consul in the embassy, preparation of the lady, etc.

  • Ukraine Single tours

The cost of the Singles Ukraine Tours depends on the number of visited cities.

You can see the prices for that service in the schedule below.

* “Start” date is the first day the tour begins in Ukraine and our tour manager meets you at the airport. ** “End” is the departure day the tour finishes in Ukraine and you should be at the airport on that day.

2017 Ukraine Tour Shedule

Enter your information

Mark Tour cities *Start **End Days Cost
 Dnepropetrovsk (July 14-July 20, 2016), 6 days/6 nights, $2150 Dnepropetrovsk July 14 July 20 6 days/6 nights $2150
 Zaporozhye-Dnepropetrovsk (July 14-July 24, 2016), 10 days/10 nights, $3200 Zaporozhye - Dnepropetrovsk July 14 July 24 10 days/10 nights $3200
 Odessa-Zaporozhye-Dnepropetrovsk (July 14-July 28, 2016), 14 days/14 nights, $4500 Odessa- Zaporozhye- Dnepropetrovsk July 14 July 28 14 days/14 nights $4500
 Kiev-Zaporozhye-Dnepropetrovsk-Odessa (July 14-Aug 1, 2016), 18 days/18 nights, $5700 Kiev- Zaporozhye- Dnepropetrovsk - Odessa July 14 Aug 1 18 days/ 18 nights $5700
If you are ready to use our Dating service you can leave your contact information in the blank below and our manager will contact you as soon as it is possible.

First name
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Any special needs or comments you may have:

We must be in receipt of your initial deposit of $200.00 in order to secure your reservation. The $200.00 deposit will be subtracted from the balance due for your tour. The residual payment for Singles Ukraine Tours will take place when you arrive to Ukraine(to the city where your tour is started). Our tour manager will meet you at the airport then you sign the agreement for using our services in two copies, one of which will be for you and one will be for us. After the payment is done, you will go for check in. The cost of the Singles Ukraine Tours depends on the number of visited cities.

Discounts and Savings

Clients who will prepay for Singles Ukraine Tours will get such bonuses:

Tour cities Cost Prepayment Discount
Dnepropetrovsk $2150 50% ($1000) $75
100% ($2000) $150
Zaporozhye-Dnepropetrovsk $3200 50%   ($1500) $100
100% ($3000) $200
Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk-Zaporozhye $4500 50% ($2100) $150
100% ($4200) $300

Prepayment is not obligatory. For more information about prepayment write us via the contact information in the tab “CONTACT US” or write us

The first tour cancellation is a complimentary rescheduling at no fee prior to 30 days of the tour date. Subsequent cancellations prior to 35 days advance tour departure will incur a $50.00 rescheduling fee. A nominal cancellation fee of $200.00 will be incurred in the case of reservations being cancelled from 28 days to 21 days prior to the tour of your choice. All cancellations or changes must be in writing.

Please be sure to include your phone number and email address. Our tour manager will contact you within 3 days of receipt of your deposit.

Attention: For your safety and comfort, we want to inform you that accommodations you may enjoy under the Americans With Disabilities Act in the U.S. normally do not apply and are typically not provided in many of the cities we visit. Hotels may not have ramps, buses may not have secure seating, and most restaurants and places of interest may not be easily accessible to anyone with limited mobility. We have in the past and are more than willing to work with and do our best to accommodate anyone who may have physical challenges, but we recommend speaking to our tour manager about it prior paying a deposit for any tour.