International Dating Club “HAPPY YOU” helps to choose the perfect match in Ukraine for you taking into the consideration your demands (age, kids, features of the character etc.) It concludes a contract with clients who want to use the dating service, which we provide. The contract is a basic term agreement for a year membership at the dating agency. It gives you an access right to our database of the single women who are seriously looking for relationships.

During the year, our agency works with you helping to find your perfect match. We offer you to view the questionnaires of the registered at our agency women (all the questionnaires have actual pictures of the women) and chose the ones you may like.

A year membership gives you such benefits:

  •  one free 30 minutes on Skype with every new lady from the agency database;
  • 2 free(one letter is yours and one is hers) translated letters for every new lady from the database;

If you would like to continue communication with a lady after having free Skype and 2 free letters then you can use our charged service:

Translation of the correspondence

We translate all your correspondence (mails) into English. You communicate with a lady directly thru her email (she writes you the letters in Russian but we translate them into English for you).

Skype(video calls)

Video calls in Skype is translated by our interpreter.

Psychologist advice in selection the lady – includes a profound compatibility test, with the help of which we will recommend you the lady who fits you better. Our Psychologist conducts the compatibility tests, which helps you to find the necessary person among the variety of others so you won’t waste your time meeting with “wrong” women.

Astrologer prognosis for relationships is your astrology compatibility review. Our astrologer selects the perfect lady for you among the variety of women at the agency considering your horoscope compatibility.

Gift delivery

If you want to send presents to the lady you like then we help you to make it( we buy and deliver the present/gifts you want for her and make pictures or even a video calls on you to prove that she has got it)

Hotel booking service

We help to choose the hotel/apartment for you considering your needs. We consult you about the hotels/apartments and prices in the city so you can choose the nice variant considering your needs.


The lady you visit in Ukraine meets you with the interpreter of our agency at the airport and carry you(in the taxi) to the hotel/apartment you rent helping to locate so you would not worry about getting lost in foreign country.

Your preparation for the first date

Our professionals can help you to prepare for the first date with the woman. We can advise you what clothing will be better to put on, how to behave with a lady from Ukraine, explain our first date traditions, help you to buy flowers and many other.

Organization of the first date with one lady from the agency

We organize the date with the lady you came for. We consult you about the place, time of the date and give you the interpreter for that date. As a rule you always stay in touch with our agency and we provide you with every details/questions you may have.


When the woman you came for does not know English properly, then we may offer you to use our interpreter service at the dates. Personal interpreter from our agency will accompany you at the dates.

City tour

Our interpreter guides you to the places of interest in our city.

Extra help

Help in solving the situations of language or cultural misunderstanding between you and your lady. If you have had a dispute with your lady and you do not know what to do then we start to help you to solve the miscommunication. It may happen when you first stayed alone without interpreter but the English level of your lady is poor so the language barrier is possible.

“Stay in touch” service

We continue to help you to stay in touch with the woman you like after you come back home so you should not be afraid of losing the connection with her.

English classes for the lady

If your lady doesn’t know English we provide classes to help her to study English and overcome the language barrier.

Fiancée visa help

We help you with all the paper work to get a Fiancée Visa for your future wife: tell proper information what you should do(which documents you should have, how much time will it take, what tricks may you have, etc.), help to fill all the forms, help to organize the meeting with consul in the embassy, preparation of the lady, etc.

Single Ukraine tours

Singles Ukraine Tours will take place in four of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. International Dating Club puts Single Ukraine Tours into practice ONLY ONCE A YEAR.

We organize compulsory Socials that will include unlimited contacts/introductions, free personal interpreters, appetizers, refreshments, champagne in each city. The number of Socials are equal to the number of cities that you will visit on the tour, so you will get one Social for every city but  one city tour include 2 Socials, two city tours will include two Socials,three city tours will include three Socials and four city tours will include four Socials in each city.  Duration of the tours depends on the number of visited cities.

You will have bus trips to the cities you choose in your tours so two city tour will include one bus trip, three city tour will include two bus trips and four city tour will include three bus trips that include snacks(one city tour won’t include any bus trips). The buses are cosy equipped with air conditioning and TV.

You will spend 4 days and 4 nights in every city,staying at the wonderful comfortable hotel rooms of  the high class.

Every Social in each city includes unlimited communication, dating, romantic acquaintances and a great number of opportunites to find true love, personal data exchange and continue dating out of the Socials. The large Socials are very tastefully organized and give you the opportunity to meet at least hundreds of stunning Ukrainian women in a fun, effective and efficient manner.

Free personal interpreters will help you to understand each other properly at the Socials. You can also choose one private personal interpreter to use exclusively or use multiple interpreters – up to you.

The Singles Ukraine Tours also include 2 hours sightseeing guided excursions in every city.

During your tour you will receive:

  • Real communication alive with emotions and impressions instead of chatting on the Internet
  • Big Socials
  • Introductions to the prettiest Ukrainian women
  • Different women are attending each Social
  • Bus trips to the niciest cities of Ukraine, snacks and coffe included in the bus
  • Available transportation to and from all events
  • Hospitality Service that includes free interpreters who are available in the Hospitality Office from 10 am to 9 pm to assist with any logistics, advice, or any needs you may have
  • Free professional interpreter services during the Socials and attentive Interpreters to assist you in the hotel via the hospitality office
  • 2-hour guided sightseeing tour, and other group activities
  • Hotel accommodations, including free breakfast every day and other conveniences
  • Transfer from and to the airport, also transport to the hotels, events, Socials where necessary
  • Memorable shows and parties
  • Unforgettable atmosphere, emotions and impressions